Organic Grey Reverse Shampoo Bar


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100% Handmade & Organic Hair Darkening Solution.

No more dye to cover grey hair! Best choice for sensitive allergic skin.The main ingredient, Polygonum Multiflorum has a long history of as a hair darkening, hair growth, and rejuvenation tonic.

It is proven that Polygonum has the ability to reactivate Melanocytes – pigment producing cell in hair follicles.


Polygonum Multiflorum,  Panax Ginseng, Glycerinum Butyrospermum Parkii, Olea Europaea, Water, Sodium Palm Oil.


  • Reactivate hair pigment cells
  • Promote hair growth & prevent lost
  • Anti-Dandruff, Improve scalp itching problem
  • Moisturize and repair damaged hair
  • 100% organic & handmade
    Package: Hair Darkening Shampoo Bar x 1

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Jaysuing, Natual, Polygonum


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